What are Golf Range Balls?

Golfers often ask what golf range balls are. They see them on the driving range and wonder if they should use them. Range balls are golf balls that have been used before. They are collected, cleaned, and then resold at a discounted price. Most of the time, they are sold in bulk. Here are some pros and cons of using golf range balls.

For those looking to improve their golf swing, golf range balls provide an invaluable tool. Providing consistent distance, trajectory and spin performance, golf range balls are designed to emulate some of the features of more advanced golf ball models without the associated costs and durability issues. With a variety of sizes, designs and weights to choose from, picking the right type of golf range ball can greatly enhance a golfer’s form by developing accuracy from tee off to putting on the green.

In addition to helping refine swings, using lightweight or Speed Three-Piece range balls assists in measuring slices and fades from the practice area, allowing players to witness all the nuances of their shots without having to invest in more expensive golf balls. By providing these necessary characteristics that can shape any golfer’s game for a relatively low cost, golf range balls make whatever level of play much easier and enjoyable. When you’re ready to tackle your next course, be sure you have a few boxes of golf range balls handy!

The Pros of Using Golf Range Balls

Golf range balls are a popular choice among golfers of all levels. Not only do they offer great value for money but they also give players the opportunity to hone their skills in different conditions without breaking the bank. There are several benefits to using golf range balls. The main one is that they are much cheaper than buying new golf balls. If you play a lot of golf, this can save you a lot of money over time. Another advantage is that you don’t have to feel as guilty when you hit a bad shot and lose a ball because you didn’t spend as much money on it. Additionally, because range balls have been used before, they tend to be more uniform in terms of their dimples and construction which can help with your ball striking.

The Cons of Using Golf Range Balls

Despite the benefits, there are also some drawbacks to using golf range balls. The main one is that you don’t know how the previous owner played with them. They could have hit them into water hazards or taken divots out of them which can affect their performance. Additionally, some companies sell refurbished golf balls which means they fix any damage that was done to them before reselling them. This can also affect their performance.


Ultimately, whether or not you want to use golf range balls is up to you. If you’re someone who hits a lot of golf balls and want to save some money, then they can be a good option. Just be aware of the potential drawbacks so you know what to expect before you buy them.



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